Cisco UCS Director Demos

Demos in this video are performed by using Cisco’s dCloud service.

Before demo, log admin and normal users by using different browsers. In this video, admin user is logged in via Safari and normal user is logged in via Google Chrome.

There are three demos in this video:

1. Create a new VM

2. Create a new VLAN

3. Monitoring VMs

Using OpenStack Part 3: Basic Configuration and Adding Instances

After installing OpenStack, some basic configuration are needed to build a private cloud.

This video will show you:

  1. The interface facing outside network, eth1 in this demo, should be configured as promisc mode.
  2. Download cirros and Ubuntu cloud images for OpenStack.
  3. Upload the images to the OpenStack Glance.
  4. Create a keypair.
  5. Create public and private networks and the associated subnets.
  6. Create a router to attach the public and private networks. After this, the network topology will be:OpenStack Network
  7. Create instances, start the instances and use the instances’ console.