ezSmugs Project

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What is ezSmugs?

ezSmugs project right now has three applications:

  • ezSmugUP: An easy to use SmugMug photo uploader ( and one-way sync )
  • ezSmugDel: A quick way to delete entire category/subcategory or multiple albums
  • ezSmugCount: A tiny tool to count your images and their total size.
  • They are especially useful for newbies of SmugMug.

    Why ezSmugs is so useful?

    Are you a newbie of SmugMug just like me and want to find an easy way to upload your thousands of photos?

    Are you tired of “select category-> select subcategory-> create album-> select photos-> upload” loop?

    You should try ezSmugUP SmugMug uploader and ezSmugDel to save your time.

    How to use ezSmugs?


    All you have to do is organize your photos in /Category/SubCategory/Album/Photo file directory structure (just like SmugMug structure) and then run this program.

    It’s so easy. Only three steps to do (actually two).

    CHECK this post FIRST before running ezSmugUP.


    Read this post to run ezSmugDel
    One-line command to delete entire category, subcategory, or multiple albums.


    Just run it with your SmugMug account and password and it will show you the result!

    Read this post to run ezSmugCount


    Yes, it’s FREE. The code is pretty ugly (maybe buggy). Welcome to modify my code to improve the quality!

    System Requirement:

    ezSmugs is written in Perl. I have compiled the source to binary codes. They can be used in Windows and Unix platforms.

    Notice: Running theses programs at your own risk. We do not provide any warranty or support.


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