ezSumgUP README first

Now, ezSmugUP supports Win32 platforms!!!

For those who don’t want to manually install Perl packages, standalone executable binary code is provided in the download page.
Please download both the binary file and “setting.cnf”. Put the two file in the same directory to run.
ezSmugUP is a Perl script. It depends on several perl packages.

Here is the list of packages you should install before running ezSmugUP:

Perl packages required:

  • WWW::SmugMug::API
  • File::Slurp
  • File::List
  • LWP
  • XML::Simple
  • Data::Dumper
  • Encode
  • Digest::MD5

Also, since ezSmugUP uses HTTPS to send request you should install related packages for SSL (such as Crypt::SSLeay)

How to run this script:

1. Right click the download link of the download page , choose “Save Target As” then save the two files (esuxxx_xxx.pl and setting.cnf) to your local disk.

2. Change the permission of the script to be executable (only for Unix version):

chmod 755 esuxxx_xxx.pl

3. Edit “setting.cnf” and find the “EmailAddress” and “Password” in the file. Fill in your SmugMug account and password. Save and exit. For example,

EmailAddress => ezsmugup@ezsmugup.com
Password => IloveSmugMug
No SmugMug account? Sign up here for free!

4. Now you can run EzSmugUP. Remember to add the upload path as the argument. For example,

(Unix) ./esuunix_xxx.pl /home/smugmug/upload/

(Windows) esuwin32_xxx “d:\My Documents\Pictures”

5. Enjoy it!!!!

Please leave a comment here if this list should be revised. Thanks!!


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