Configuring Keycloak with Microsoft Azure AD integration

    Adding a Microsoft identity provider

    Copy Redirect URI to clipboard

    Go to Azure AD and select “App registrations”

    In “App registration” tab, select “+ New registration”

    Enter app’s name, select “Multitenant” account type (if “Single tenant” account type does not work) and then paste the redirect URI from Keycloak configuration

    In Azure’s App overview tab, copy app’s client ID

    Select “Certificates & secrets” tab and create a new client secret

    When adding secret, enter the description and select when to expire

    Copy the value of the secret

    Back to Keycloak paste the client ID and secret copied in the previous steps

    You then can use Microsoft account to login

    In case you want user to login directly with Microsoft, you can do that by going to “Authentication” tab and click the menu

    Select “Browser”

    In “Identity Provider Redirector” row, select “REQUIRED” and then click “Actions” and “Config”

    Enter the alias of the configuration and the name of the IDP you want to use ( “microsoft” in this case)

    After that you can login with Microsoft Azure AD directly


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