Cisco UCS Networking Video

Cisco UCS Networking System, Architecture, Best Practices v3.0

By Brad Hedlund CCIE #5530

Part I: Introduction
Part 2: Infrastructure Virtualization
Part 3: Switching Mode of the Fabric Interconnect
Part 4: Upstream Connectivity SAN Storage
Part 5: Appliance Ports NAS Direct Attach
Part 6a: Fabric Failover
Part 6b: Fabric Failover
Part 7a: End Host Mode Pinning
Part 7b: Upstream Connectivity LAN
Part 8: Inter-Fabric Traffic and Recommended Topology
Part 9: Disjointed Layer 2 Domains
Part 10: Gen 2 Adapters VM FEX
Part 11: Cisco VIC QoS
Part 12: SPAN, IPv6

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