Using OpenStack Part 5: Associate Server to Public IP Address

This video will show you how to associate private cloud’s instance to public IP address to provide services.

Using OpenStack Part 4: Use Keypair File to Login Instance & Configuring LBaaS

For security reason, there is no default password for the cloud images. Users must use the keypair file to connect the instance first. After successfully logged in, passwords can then be set for later use.

This videos also shows how to configure OpenStack to provide load balance services (LBaaS).

Using OpenStack Part 3: Basic Configuration and Adding Instances

After installing OpenStack, some basic configuration are needed to build a private cloud.

This video will show you:

  1. The interface facing outside network, eth1 in this demo, should be configured as promisc mode.
  2. Download cirros and Ubuntu cloud images for OpenStack.
  3. Upload the images to the OpenStack Glance.
  4. Create a keypair.
  5. Create public and private networks and the associated subnets.
  6. Create a router to attach the public and private networks. After this, the network topology will be:OpenStack Network
  7. Create instances, start the instances and use the instances’ console.